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In a high-performance car society where high intelligence is advancing, we – Izumi Industry Co., Ltd. are looking to the future of the car society.

We have accumulated a wealth of sensibilities and passion for creativity, and have developed many unique manufacturing technologies and know-how.

Pursuing “high added value” that is closely related to needs,With advanced high technology as the origin we contribute to the development of society. We will contribute to the development of society with advanced high technology as the starting point.

Product development focused on the future of the motorized society

With the know-how accumulated over 60 years, we have manufactured genuine parts of each car maker.

Global procurement

Global Procurement

Expansion of technological capabilities

Expansion of Technological Capabilities

quality management

Quality Management

pursuit of the lowest costs

Pursuit of the Lowest Costs


Lineup of processed products centered on automobile supplies.

In addition to automatic car parts such as side visors and garnishes, 

we also manufacture laying-type basket coats and custom-made acrylic panels.

ISO quality environment

We are actively engaged in the activities of ISO9001 and ISO14001.