We, Izumi Industry Co., Ltd.

In a high-performance car society where high intelligence is advancing, we devoted our abundant sensibilities and passion for creativity to the future of the car society, and developed and manufacture many products by utilizing our unique technology and know-how.

We are developing our business mainly on the manufacture of automobile supplies and parts, and especially for side visors, we have a track record of over 30 years and hold a large number of patents.

Our unique resin molding technology and accumulated know-how are used to create products that are highly trusted by car manufacturers as genuine parts.

On the other hand, we have promoted the globalization of reduction and procurement by establishing a subsidiary in Thailand and expanding overseas ahead of other companies, and have been actively working to reduce costs.

For the future, we will continue to innovate by developing novel products and designs and improving technology, and will continue to evolve with the aim of expanding our business fields and further growth.

Genuine / OEM business

Product Development

Original Product

Contract Manufacturing


Company Name

Izumi Industry Co.,Ltd

Main Office

4-262, Higashiminato, Sakai word, Sakai, 590-0829 OSAKA, Japan



E-MAIL:izumi■izumi-ind.co.jp( Representative)

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Establishment of company

January 9, 1960


94.98 million yen


Chairman Kazunari Murata

President Toshiyuki Mori

Number of Employees

Employees [20 people] / Part-time staff [10 people]


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Sakai Branch / Sakai Ekimae Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Sakai Branch

Kinki Mirai Bank Sakai Higashi Branch

Osaka Shinkin Bank Higashiminato Branch

Shoko Chukin Sakai Branch

Main customer
(By industry / alphabetical order / titles omitted)
  • 【Car Maker】
    • Isuzu Motors Ltd.【Isuzu A&S Co., Ltd.】
    • SUBARU Corporation 【Subaru Auto Accessories Ltd.】
    • Suzuki Motor Corporation
    • Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
    • Nissan Motor Corporation
    • BMW Co., Ltd.
    • Hino Motors Ltd.【Hino Trading Ltd.】
    • Volvo Car Japan Co., Ltd.
    • Honda Motor Co., Ltd.【Honda Access Corporation】
    • Mazda Motor Corporation
    • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
    • Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
    • Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd. 
    • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
  • 【Automobile and motorcycle equipment manufacturer】
    • Stellantis Japan Ltd.
    • Daytona Corporation
    • Daihatsu Business Support & Engineering Center Co., Ltd.
    • Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. [TGAP Co., Ltd.]
    • Toyota Tsusho Corporation
    • Power Up Japan Co., Ltd.
  • 【Sporting goods manufacturer】
    • Molten Corporation
  • 【Lighting equipment manufacturer】
    • L-Kougen Co. Ltd.
Business Content

Genuine / OEM business

New product development / research and development

Own brand / Original Product

Contract processing

Main Product

Resin products

Aluminum / stainless steel processed products

Plating products

Owned technology

Injection molding process

Vacuum forming plastic transparent plate

Plastic plate heat molding process



Ultrasonic welding



The first president, Mitsuo Murata, has founded “Izumi Automobile Company” in Kami-Fukushima Minami 2-chome, Fukushima-ku, Osaka and started sales of automobile parts.


Constructed a manufacturing factory and started in-house development and manufacturing of automobile supplies


Established its own trademark “Phoenix Brand” for its own developed products such as “Wire Harness / Lacquer Code / Auto Brand / Radiator Cover / Backrest” and started expanding and expanding the products.


The company will be newly established by changing the business format from the conventional parts retail business to the manufacturing industry and changing the company name to “Izumi Seisakusho”.


Established a joint-stock company with “capital of 1 million yen”. The company name was changed to “Izumi Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” and the head office was moved to Higashiminato-cho, Sakai City to make a breakthrough.


Constructed a new factory for the purpose of new product development and productivity rationalization. “He increased his capital to 10 million yen”


Due to the sudden death of the first president, Mitsuo Murata, Toruichi Murata was appointed as the representative director.


New head office building has been constructed at 4-262, Higashiminato-cho, Sakai-shi, Osaka for aiming further expansion of the business and sales.


“Izumi Trading Co., Ltd.” has been established with 100% investment by Izumi Industry Co., Ltd. to expand the trading business.


A new factory was constructed and a new 5-axis NC router was added.


As the space of the head office became too small to increase employees and business, a new head office building (4 stories) has been newly built.


A new distribution center was constructed (inside the Oimatsu factory) to streamline product management and distribution. 

Increased the number of cooperating factories.


“Increased capital to 60 million yen”


Established a new factory “IZUMI INDUSTRY (Thailand) CO., LTD” in Thailand to expand overseas.

“Capital increased to 94.98 million yen”


Full-scale operation of Thai factory.

Kazunari Murata is appointed as a director of IZUMI INDUSTRY (Thailand).


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company’s founding, thank-you memorial event was held.


Thai factory “IZUMI INDUSTY (Thailand) CO., LTD” expanded.


Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification (Thai factory “IZUMI INDUSTRY (Thailand) CO., LTD”)


ISO14001: 1996 certification (Thailand factory “IZUMI INDUSTRY (Thailand) CO., LTD”) has been obtained.

Mie Murata was appointed as Representative Director 
and Kazunari Murata has been appointed as Managing Director.


Kazunari Murata was appointed as Representative Director


IZUMI INDUSTORY THAILAND Co. Ltd., has acquired IATF16949 (2016) and ISO9001 (2015) certification


Izumi Industry has acquired ISO9001 (2015) certification