Genuine Parts / OEM Business

We provide genuine products of leading Japanese companies, including car manufacturers, on an OEM basis.

Izumi meets strict demands with its high manufacturing technology, accurate delivery management, and cost competitiveness through global procurement.

Global Procurement

Proposals from a global perspective centered on Asia

Expansion of Technological Capabilities

Expand the range of technology and meet customer expectations

Quality Management

Quality control that meets the needs of each automobile manufacturer

Pursuit of the Lowest Costs

Continuing cost reduction activities by reflecting Japanese technology in Thailand

Contract Manufacturing

We utilize our QCDS management know-how cultivated by responding to the strict level of demand from car manufacturers for contract processing.
We accept orders for resin molding and assembly assembly from a wide variety of small quantities.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Stable Supply

Stable Supply

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Reliable Achievement


Flow of Contract Manufacturng


Proposal considering design


System that can handle even small lots


Activities to improve the efficiency of on-site transmission


Quality control from design to logistics


Risk avoidance by equipping our own warehouse

Manufacturing Process

Injection Molding

Injection molding machine 1050t (UBE 1050emⅡ)
Speedy mass production of complicated shapes The 4-axis parallel injection compression molding mechanism that independently controls the position of the 4-axis makes it possible to support “family molding”.

Vacuum Forming

Low cost, small lot processing and manufacturing

NC Processing

High-precision machining by program

Painting Process

Beautiful finish by craftsmanship

Research & Development of New Products

Commissioned technical advisor to Emeritus Professor Ishii of Kyushu University Graduate School
He supports us as a technology and design advisor for the development of new products and technologies

Emeritus Professor Ishii

Professor Emeritus Ishii was involved in interior / exterior / equipment design development and aerodynamic design study at a Japanese automobile manufacturer, and then engaged in aerodynamic design development at Italdesign which was led Giugiaro, the world’s No. 1 car designer.

He also participated in the development of Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, VW, BMW, Porsche, Bugatti and many other prototype and mass-produced vehicles.

A joint research agreement with Professor Takenouchi , Faculty of Art, Kyushu University Graduate School has been concluded.
“Research on expansion of applicable products of highly transparent resin moldings” has started.

Implemented product development through industry-academia collaboration through joint research with Kyushu University.

We are conducting joint research with the Mechanics Design Laboratory of Faculty of Art, Kyushu University Graduate School, about “Research on expanding applicable products for highly transparent resin moldings.”

At the Mechanics Design Laboratory, we are engaged in research to create optimal shapes for functions and to utilize digital modeling based on 3D scanning.

We are promoting the functional adaptation of shapes and the pursuit of the value created by new shapes through industry-academia collaboration.

Takenouchi Lab website
Kyushu University Graduate School Mechanics Design Laboratory (