ISO Quality Environment

Initiatives for ISO

We are actively engaged in the activities of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

ISO9001 (Quality Management)

Quality Policy

We responds to customer needs, provide products that satisfy customers, and strive for continuous quality improvement with the participation of all employees.

In the fierce market competition, in all fields related to quality assurance and management, we will not forget the advanced efforts to seek the ideal form of TOTAL quality. 

We will break the conventional concept and  challenge to innovation and harmony boldly, with innovative ideas based on theory and system.

Izumi Industry Co.,Ltd
Chairman Kazunari Murata
President Toshiyuki Mori

ISO14001 (Environmental Management)

Environmental Policy

  • Environmental Philosophy
    • In order to harmonize corporate activities with the natural environment, we will continue to strive to conserve the global environment through the ingenuity of those who work in and for the organization.
    • Organization: An organization for Izumi Industry Co., Ltd. (including affiliated company Izumi Trading Co., Ltd.) to carry out environmental conservation activities. Hereinafter, it is simply referred to as “organization”.
  • Behavioral Guidelines
    • Our environmental policy will be formulated based on our environmental philosophy and will be thoroughly known to all employees in order to apply all activities.

Izumi Industry Co., Ltd.
Chairman Kazunari Murata
President Toshiyuki Mori

ITAF / ISO Acquisition Status

Domestic Base

Izumi Industry Co., Ltd. acquired the certification of the international standard environmental management system ISO14001 in 2001, and then switched to ISO14001: 2015 version in 2017 and updated it.
On the other hand, the quality management system ISO9001: 2015 version was certified in 2020.

Quality Management System
(ISO9001 2015)


November 17, 2020




International System Examination Co., Ltd.

Environmental Management System
(ISO14001 2015)


February 20, 2017




International System Examination Co., Ltd.

Overseas Base